Statement of New York State Senator Duane
Re: the End of the Stalemate in the Senate

July 9, 2009

"The month long stalemate in the Senate has ended. I am pleased that the Democratic Conference remains, as they were elected to be, in the majority. It is now time for the Senate to get back to work."

"The June 8th coup was a painful and disturbing moment in the history of the Senate. Members' emotions are raw, feelings are hurt and trust has been lost. It will take time for these wounds to heal. As a result, I expect that the Senate this week will pass only time-sensitive, non-controversial legislation."

"As disappointing as it is to admit, it is clear that this week is not the right moment to address critical but controversial bills, such as those that strengthen tenant protections, safeguard reproductive health rights, grant marriage equality to all New Yorkers, protect transgender people from discrimination, streamline testing for HIV/AIDS, and give families a voice in incapacitated patients' health care."

"However, we who have been championing this legislation will not be put off for long. During the weeks and months ahead the Senate will be called back to Albany to deal with a range of issues and I will fight to ensure that these vital bills which impact the lives of all New Yorkers come to the floor for a vote — and pass."

"The June 8th coup may have delayed our progress, but it will not stop it."

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